Wednesday, July 22, 2015

2 months old!!

We made it through month 2!!! 

Lawton weighs 8lbs 10oz now and Anderson weighs 9lbs 2oz. 

Both babies got their first vaccines. It's heartbreaking watching your newbies have their first experience with real pain, but it also is reassuring when you quickly pick them up, calm them down & make the tears go away. They both did really well!

Our doctor (who I adore) said both babies look great and he's pleased with how they're doing. He does want to continue to see weight gain and told me to make sure I'm getting enough fatty foods for my milk. I may also start looking for some natural ways to increase my milk supply. The babies are on the low end of the weight scale but he said no concerns yet. They are eating great, plenty of dirty diapers and growing steadily so for now I am to keep doing what we're doing! 

We are getting some decent sleep! Averaging two four hour stretches each night. I am feeling pretty good and think my body is adjusting to less sleep than it use to get. 

We do tummy time every day and both babies can hold their heads up really well! We are going to start reading to them each night as part of our night time routine. They both love to be up and looking around. Lawton is very social and flirty, Anderson flirts a lot too but is my snuggle buddy. He loves to curl up and nap in your arms. 

Jake continues to blow my mind with them! He is SUCH a good big brother. He stays so patient and is always eager to help. He also is very protective of them. He loves to hold them and help with them when he can. So sweet!

Even though I'm still VERY much a novice at this twin mom thing I'm working on an advice post. It should be up soon! Just what works for us, what doesn't, and tips up to this point. 

This really has been a lot of fun and we are loving our time with these two. I'm sure God had them in the plans for us and I think we were meant to be twin parents. It isn't always easy but overall it's easier than I thought it would be! 

Gotta run... Time to nurse...again!

Monday, June 22, 2015

The twins are one month old...

I know I know it may seem small but let me say a month with twins should be celebrated! While I wouldn't change a thing and couldn't love them anymore, their addition to our family has been a big transition! 

They are a lot of work but they are fun and so sweet. The personalities are beginning to show and they are so different already!    

Lawton is so sweet. She is happiest when you're holding her and she can look around. She's already loving her play may because of the hanging toys to look at. She doesn't cry much but she will yell! Usually it's because she has gas or wants something new to look at! She's completely stolen her dad's heart, who was a little worried about having a girl after being used to the boy thing. I hear him telling her all the time how sweet and pretty she is. She's got him wrapped!

Anderson is my snuggle bug. He is also a very good nurser! Sometimes too good! He is notorious for eating a little too much and making himself spit up. He is very vocal and let's you know when he is hungry or cold or needs a diaper change or just wants to be snuggled. He loves to lay in my lap and stare at me while making the cutest faces.

The nights are off and on but honestly I think we are pretty lucky. Right now we are averaging two 4-5 hour spans a night. It still isn't easy getting up in the middle of the night. It's tough when you finish up with one baby and remember you have another one waiting, but we are getting the hang of it and I know it could be way worse!

I also have to say Jake has been the worlds best big brother! He helps with whatever I need. He keeps them happy when the paci falls out, he runs to grab me a diaper or wipes or a spitty cloth. He isn't phased by their crying and never complains. He loves to show them off and kisses them goodnight before bed. Since he's out of school right now he is the reason I'm not crying in the corner some days when Mike gets home! I seriously don't know how I would have done these first few weeks without his help!

Mike celebrated his Father's Day with 3 on their one month birthday! We spent the weekend in Anna Maria Island on the beach. We took turns with the babies in the house and with Jake down on the beach. I can't wait until they are old enough to really enjoy the beach and pool, but for now we kept them cool and they slept in the shade with fans on them while we played. AMI is one of our favorite places. This is only our second trip there but we plan on making it our annual summer family vacation! The beach is beautiful and the island is so laid back. I wish I had more pictures but honestly I put my phone away and am glad I did! 

Well we did it! We survived the first month and we are getting into our routine and our new normal as a family of 5! If you would, just pray for patience for us. We are so thankful for the blessings of these two on our lives. God is so good and we are reminded of that with every cry, nap, feeding, tummy time, etc. They, and all babies, are perfect miracles! 

Monday, June 1, 2015

The birth of our babies...

It feels nice to write that title. For so long I really felt like I may never get to. Infertility is both a blessing and a curse on my life but looking back - if this is the road we had to take - I'd do it a thousand times over and not change a thing.

If you're reading this post as your first on my blog please jump back and read through some of the details into our journey. :)

On May 21st at 4:45am my alarm clock sounded. The night before didn't allow for much sleep as we were too excited about what the morning would bring. Jake, our 8 year old, was staying at my in laws for the night so Mike and I had a quiet home. We both just payed in bed saying I can't believe we are finally here...

When that alarm went off I felt like I had only been asleep for 10 minutes but it was time to get going! I showered, got myself together, woke up Mike and we headed for the hospital. I was 38 weeks pregnant and it was induction day for our twins as well as my 29th birthday.

Once we got to the hospital and got admitted, I will admit, I began feeling pretty anxious. I was excited and scared and ready to have them in my arms. We met our nurse (who was awesome) got all checked in and began the pitocin drip to start induction. From that point on I got checked every hour or so and kept making steady progress. Around 12 or so my Doctor stopped by and checked to see how things were going. After checking he decided it was time to go ahead and break Lawton's water. Go time! He did - which if you've never experienced it - water breaking is still so crazy to me. From that point on my contractions really started picking up. Given my twin delivery and due to risks, I had to get my epidural put in even if I didn't want pain meds incase of an emergency c section. That being said my nurse kept asking if I was ready and I kept pushing it off. Even after IVF I'm still terrified of needles. Finally around 3 I gave in and got the epidural. It sucked. Maybe it was all in my head but I still hate that process. Now, don't get me wrong, by that point my contractions were rough and when that medicine hit I was so relieved. I had a good hour of happiness followed up but Oh Em Gee pressure. In less than 20 min I went from 7 to 10cm and was ready to go.

After some prepping they wheeled us into the OR and we were ready to have our babies. Lawton arrived about 20 minutes after being taken into the OR. She came out with a head full of beautiful dark hair and some strong screams weighing in at 6lbs 9oz. They gave her right to me and I couldn't stop kissing her and telling her how beautiful she was. They then took her to weigh her, clean her up a little, and have Mike cut the cord. While that was going on my awesome doctor began working on Anderson - who had gone transverse (sideways) in my belly. They sonograms him, monitored his heart, and worked for 30 minutes trying to get either the head of feet. If need be, breech delivery was fine but couldn't happen until we could get him to turn one way or the other. Long story short my little booger wouldn't cooperate and ended up needing a c section. 55 minutes after his sister, Anderson made his loud entrance into the world! Weighing in at a healthy 6lbs 11oz - he was handed over to Mike who brought him over to me. We both were crying at that point! Two big, healthy babies. Our miracle babies!

Prior to my experience this was the one thing I wanted to avoid - having both a vaginal delivery and a c section - but now I can tell you I wouldn't go back and change a thing. Sure it would have been nice to have Anderson vaginally, but that wasn't how it went and that's perfectly fine. Both of my babies are here and healthy. That's what matters! Plus - the recovery wasn't nearly as bad as I had thought!

As throughout this entire journey we couldn't have done this without the support of our family and friends! We both are so thankful especially to Mikes Mom and Dad and his two sisters. They managed Jake for us while we were having the babies, took care of our fur babies, came to visit, brought us food (the hospital food was not ok) and supported us in anyway possible. We also have to thank our good friends, The Lindsey's who came to visit and brought us my favorite - Outback - for dinner one night! And last, but certainly not least my Mom who stayed with us for a week and did everything she possibly could to help us adjust - cooking, cleaning, laundry, driving us to appointments - it went on and on. The best advice I can give to anyone expecting twins - work on your patience and surround yourself with people who love and support you! Thanks to everyone who came by to visit, called, texted, etc. we were overwhelmed with all of the sweet well wishes!

Now for my favorite part of this post - pictures!!

Waiting for progress ☺️
Post epidural 😉

In recovery - the first time I held both of my babies 😍
Melt my heart!
Jake meeting his brother and sister for the first time!
Hospital naps 😴

Heading Home!!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

37 week update...

How far along? 37 weeks today and yes I skipped my 36 week update. The last two weeks have been a little crazy and a little tough. I'll catch up both weeks in this update ;)

Total weight gain: I've lost track in +\- but I do know I've gained 25 pounds total. Funny because that's what I gained with Jake although I feel WAY bigger in the belly!

Sleep: the last 3 nights have been pretty good but only because the days have been so bad. My body just gives out.

How big are the twins this week? I'm not exactly sure but if they have stayed on track Anderson is probably 7lbs and Lawton is about 6-6 & 1/2! I probably have about 14lbs of baby in me! No wonder my knees are aching!

Peak of the week: I am officially FULL TERM! All goals have been met and the babies are just packing on weight at this point. Which means it's time to come out!

Pit of the week: Early labor and being sent home from the hospital... I'll get into it more but basically I've been in "early labor" for like 4 days. :(

Miss Anything? Clothing that covers my stomach. Having a wardrobe. I seriously have 2 maternity shirts that cover my belly and other than that I'm in Mike's clothes. I miss pretty clothing and getting fixed up. You look silly in makeup and hair done and your husbands stained shirts...

Cravings: I'm over food. Done.

Symptoms/labor signs: So, as I mentioned before I was in the hospital last night. I was having contractions every 2.5 - 5 minutes. (Still having them actually) So we headed for the hospital - feeling pretty sure this was it. When we got there I got all hooked up for monitoring and the machine confirmed I was having contractions frequently. However, after being checked, I was still at 2cm and only about 60% effaced. Essentially my cervix hates me and wants me to be pregnant forever. I can't say I'm all that surprised - this is the exact same thing that happened to me with Jake. So after being monitored for two hours with no cervical advancement we got sent home. I won't lie - I sobbed. Mike took me to get chick-fil-a and I drowned my sorrows in a large cookies 'n cream milkshake. 

Looking forward to: Induction! Cervix - you can run but you can't hide. I am set to be induced May 21st - unless we go into labor before that. I should mention that May 21st is my birthday... Was my birthday. It seems as though two babies will soon be stealing my thunder. ;)

Thursday, April 30, 2015

35 week update...

How far along? 35 weeks 1 day!

Total weight gain: I gained 2lbs this week! Most of which was baby but the doctors are happy to see me not loose more weight. They also measured my stomach and I'm measuring at 44 weeks if this were a single baby pregnancy. So basically I'm a giant.

Sleep: It's up and down - 2 nights ago I got 4 hours total last night I got about 7 hours. 

How big are the twins this week? At Monday's growth scan Lawton was 5lbs 2oz and Anderson was 5lbs 13oz. By today I have 11lbs of baby in me! No wonder nothing keeps this belly under cover!

Peak of the week: Getting to see the babies always ranks pretty high.

Pit of the week: I am so uncomfortable. My muscles and ligaments and spine are all starting to give out under the weight. I ache a lot. Trying to get things done has become nearly impossible. Occasionally I will get a burst of energy to get some things done but for the most part I'm pretty useless at this point. It's really hard on me to have to constantly ask someone (Mike and Jake) to complete tasks for me. It's hard to have to wait or not to constantly tell them how to do a favor I've asked. I will say I've learned a lot about myself vs who I want to be! The 

Miss Anything? Being able to comfortably sit down. My belly has dropped so when I sit it either sits in between my legs (please take a moment to picture how sexy that is) or it pushes into my thighs which is uncomfortable. I can't wait to wear cute clothes again! I can't wait to not have to worry if my belly is sticking out under my shirt!

Cravings: just sweet stuff still. 

Symptoms/labor signs: So in addition to the usual contractions I have a new add. Now from time to time when I contract I'm getting what feels like bad menstrual cramps down low and in my back. The doctor said it's usually a sign of baby A burrowing down into the birth canal and that it means my body is getting closer and closer. She also told me I'm about 50% effaced and 2cm dialated. 

Looking forward to: labor. Still. Honestly at this point it's all I want. I'm so close and I'm ready (I think). As far as induction goes I'm on the two week countdown!!

Saturday, April 25, 2015

34 week update...

How far along? 34 weeks 2 days. :) we have reached a major goal! Twins born after 34 weeks have much higher chances of a healthy arrival and far less complications! Mainly in part to the size they are now as well as the nearly full developed lungs! In fact, if I were to go into labor right now the doctors wouldn't do much, if anything, to try and stop it. 

Total weight gain: up another pound I think! I'm now somewhere around +20 - I hope I can stay that or close to it!

Sleep: well it had been horrible but I've slept good the last two nights. Thank God! I was starting to loose my cool.

How big are the twins this week? I will get to see them Monday at our growth scan and know the exact weights but I would guess Anderson is probably 5&1/2 and Lawton is hopefully close to that. 

Peak of the week: what was probably my last date night with my husband. We went to dinner at our favorite place and then I surprised him with tickets to go see Kevin Hart (a comedian). We had a really good night and both realize we have to seize those opportunities to have some alone, kid-free time.

Pit of the week: Just the loneliness of being on bed rest all day. You start to get cabin fever. I was getting anxious and really moody so I started to plan a little something to do each day. Now that I've hit 34 weeks I do have a little more freedom. The hard part for me is spacing out my planned activities. This week I decided to make little thank you goodie bags for our nurses during our delivery and stay. I just put some hand lotion, chap stick, note pads, candy, etc. in them along with a thank you card for their care of both me and the babies. 
I made the little gift tags and attached them with pink and blue yarn. I'm happy with the turn out. 
I also worked on my thank you cards. My hand is locked up! I got a bunch done but unfortunately in coming back from the Charleston trip the list of who gave what vanished. :( So if you get a vague thank you from me I am so sorry! I am running off of memory. That's scary!

Miss Anything? A back free of pain. I use to think people with "chronic back pain" were exaggerating - they aren't. It is lame!

Cravings: just sweet stuff still. 

Symptoms/labor signs: Same as last week but they have slowed down some. I'm hoping for some new signs in the next week or so.

Looking forward to: labor. Plain and simple. I'm scared and anxious and nervous and beyond excited. I'm praying for good news about the babies Monday. I'm praying that we can have these two via natural childbirth. I'm praying that I am strong enough to handle whatever the outcome is. Pray with me! Please <3

34 weeks bathroom selfie on our date night. Most days I'm a lot more sweats and Mike's tshirt and a lot less dress and make up! Ha!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

33 week update...

How far along? 33 weeks today

Total weight gain: at my last appointment I was up a pound!

Sleep: It's been bad the last few nights

How big are the twins this week? I don't know for sure but I'm hoping baby boy is getting close to 5 and sisters not far behind.

Peak of the week:  getting through our first nst and getting to watch the babies on the heart monitors for a long period of time.

Pit of the week: how uncomfortable I've gotten. 

Miss Anything? Not really no.

Cravings: sweets

Symptoms/labor signs: YES! In the last two nights the contractions have gotten crazy. Today I caved and called the doctor. They told me to head right to L&D at the hospital so that is where I've been for the majority of the day. Hooked up to the monitors and getting checked for progression. Interestingly enough at my regular appointment on Tuesday I was not dilated at all but today I am at 1cm. Not a huge deal but clearly shows things are moving towards labor. They monitored my contractions as well as the babies heart rates for another two hours and rechecked again. While I am still 1cm  and the babies look great my contractions were relatively frequent (every 6-8 minutes) and increasingly strong. After consulting with my doctor they agreed to let me go home but only on strict bed rest and I have to carefully watch my symptoms. Timing contractions, noting intensity, etc. if they get closer together or stronger or my water breaks I am to head straight to the hospital. It was surreal being there. This is really happening. They also made me bump my appointment from next Wednesday to Monday as they want to see me right away after the weekend. Since I'm getting close to 34 weeks they probably won't do much to stop me if I can make it into next week. Ahh!

Looking forward to: I don't even know! It's such mixed emotions. I'm dying to have them but I don't want them to come to early. I just want them healthy and strong enough. It's all crazy!

Here's my bump photo this week! It's the best I can do! 

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

It must be the hormones...

My house is quiet. Mike is at a well deserved "guys night" with some of the dads from Jake's soccer team, Jake is asleep, and I am in the tub. My new favorite place. The only place where my back and my sides get a break from the weight they bear. 

The only noise is the trickle of warm water from the faucet. (Weird I know, but I like to keep the water just barely running.) oh and the occasional sigh from one of my dogs who won't leave my side. 

Sophie - laying on guard next to the tub. She, like me, is a mom of multiples ;) and I'm convinced she's aware labor is coming. Isn't she cute? Anyways...

I'm trying to take advantage of my "alone time" that I know will soon be non-existant. I love this quiet time really. I should probably put a lock on the bathroom door for future use. 

Tonight, as I was putting Jake to bed, he asked what he asks nearly every night - "momma, will you lay with me?" Normally I say no. I can't. I have things to do or I'm exhausted and once I'm down - quite frankly - it ain't easy to get back up! But tonight my heart said yes. So I lowered my giant self into his bed. He offered to read to me from his new chapter book and I just laid there watching him sound out the big words. :) When we were all done with reading he caught me starring and just said "what are you looking at me like that for?" I smiled and just answered "because I love you!"

I laid there until he fell asleep. I watched his little breathing slow as he fell asleep and then I tried to get myself up out of his bed without making a ridiculous amount of noise. Even when I'm not carrying two babies I'm no ballerina so of course he woke a little. I bent over to kiss him and rub his head and he mumbled "I love you momma go to sleep". 

As I walked out of his room I started to cry. I wish I could put into words what that little boy means to me. He isn't perfect. In fact nearly all of his imperfections are at least partially my fault (hey Mike shares the blame here) but he is mine. He will always be my boy.  I can't imagine what my life would be like without him in it. I'd be lying if I said I was 100% sure I'd bond to the twins like I have to Jake. In fact I'm sure it will be different.  I have no doubt I will adore them. I already do, but no one will ever take Jake's place. 

I know I don't fully understand how my life will change in the next month, year, etc. and I can't say that doesn't scare me a little. For almost 9 years it's been the three of us and that's about to change. From that moment on we will be a family of 5. That to me is beautiful and scary at the same time. The thought that what Mike and I have worked at for the last 5 years will be in our arms soon... Crazy. 

I hope that my relationship with Jake will be close forever. I hope he never feels less important to me or that I'm to busy to just be his mom for a while. I hope he knows, if not now - one day, that he will always be my baby. 3

I thank God, not often enough, for the unexpected blessing He gave us in Jake. We were young and stupid and I will never doubt God's timing in putting Jake in our lives. 

As we prepare to open our hearts and our home to 2 more blessings I know that Jake is preparing to become a big brother. He is excited for the babies and I know he will be amazing with them. It won't always be easy. I'm sure they will drive him crazy. Our family will likely be crazy for the next several years. Our home will be a mess, we will be late to nearly everything, I won't always look put together but I do know my heart will be full - it has been since Mike and Jake came into it and somehow it will grow and make room for Lawton and Anderson. 

It won't be long now... I just can't believe it. 

Monday, April 13, 2015

32 week update...

How far along? 32 weeks 4 days! It took me way to long to get this post out! Sorry!

Total weight gain: at the last check I was sitting right around 17lbs gained I think!

Sleep: I don't think anything has really changed... It's not great. 

How big are the twins this week? I'm sure they are both over 4lbs now!

Peak of the week:  getting to see the babies at my last appointment, and my weekend with my boys!

Pit of the week: Monday coming and being lonely on bed rest. Bed rest is really lame.

Miss Anything? Same old stuff - nothing new

Cravings: not really! Chocolate I think

Symptoms/Labor signs: Contractions, pressure, cramping, and sorry for the tmi - but I think I passed my mucus plug!

Looking forward to: I am now on weekly check ups! I also start my NSTs tomorrow! It means we are getting so close!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Update from the doctor...

So I had a big doctor's appointment today. I will be 32 weeks on Thursday so this was my 32 week (8 months) check up and growth scan for the twins!

32 weeks is a milestone! Making it to this point means I can take a deep breath and check off several risk factors. If I went into labor tonight the babies would need some time in the NICU still but chances are we wouldn't have any major issues or hurdles. 

Obviously we want them to stay in for longer but it's nice to know that at this point we can relax a little. It also means I am on official labor watch. My cervix is holding at about 3.5 cm which my doctor credits to my bed rest. As boring as it is - if it keeps these babies in and growing I'm all for it. 

At this point, if I show any signs of labor I am to go right to the Labor & Delivery unit at the hospital. I also have my hospital bag and the bag for the babies packed and ready to go. I can't believe it's that time! 

The doctor I saw today doesn't seem to think I will have to be induced and selfishly I hope not! I'm pretty uncomfortable at this point. Which makes sense when they measured the babies this week!

Lawton is measuring at 31 weeks 4 days and weighs in at 3lbs 15oz. The ultrasound tech said she's probably at 4lbs but she keeps her head buried down low making it hard to get a perfect measurement. Anderson is measuring at 32 weeks and is tipping the scales at 4lbs 7oz. If you're counting that means I have 8lbs 6oz of baby in my stomach! No wonder I've gotten so uncomfortable in the last two weeks. That's almost what Jake weighed when he was born at 42 weeks!

The babies look great and the doctor was happy with their development and growth. They also are happy with me for the most point. My blood pressure was good but I haven't gained any weight in two weeks. The babies have which means I've lost more. We went over my diet and they are encouraging me to continue increasing my calories. That being said my vitals are strong and my blood looks good so they want me to just do what I can. I'm telling you - I'm eating and having dessert every night. If the twins would rather suck the fat from my thighs I can't be mad at that ;) ha!

Also - I start going to the doctor weekly now!  Each week they will check me for labor signs, take my vitals, and monitor the babies through NSTs (non-stress tests). I will be able to tell you more about these next week but my understanding is that they will hook me up to monitors on each baby and watch how their hearts react to contractions. Exciting because it means we are getting closer!!!

I do want to take a minute to just acknowledge how thankful I am for this pregnancy. So far it's been an "easy" twin pregnancy and I feel so greatful for that. We prayed and prayed not just for these babies but that God would give us what we could handle and what my body could handle and He answered those prayers. Obviously we are continuing to pray and I will ask that you do as well. Pray that this last month of pregnancy remains healthy for both me and the babies, that when the time comes I have the strength to deliver these little loves safely. Pray that they are strong and healthy and arrive in our arms safely. That the doctors in charge of our care are steadfast and accurate doing what keeps the babies and I healthy. I can't wait to announce their arrival and I can't thank you enough for your love and support!

Saturday, April 4, 2015

31 week update...

How far along? 31 weeks 2 days. The last two got away from me though I can't really tell you why... I don't do a whole 

Total weight gain: I couldn't guess at this point. When I think I'm up I'm down. Twin pregnancy is wild. I know the babies are getting heavier so I feel sure I've gained. Turning over in bed is nearly impossible without me feeling like I've ripped something.

Sleep: Pregnancy Insomnia is very real. I haven't been able to fall asleep before 2 a.m. in who knows how long. Every night I dread bedtime. I know it's a solid 4 hours of misery - laying there tossing and turning, trying to crack my knees, drinking water, going to the bathroom, adjusting my pillows, etc. It usually involves at least one bath - warm water seems to help my knees and make me sleepy. I know it's preparing me for being up with the babies - but why is it then it's a fight to stay awake?! 

How big are the twins this week? According to my app they are getting big - somewhere between 2.8 - 3.8 lbs each.   I feel like they are over 3 lbs each.

Peak of the week:  My mom coming hands down. She did so much work. My closets are organized my house is in order - the whole thing made me totally relax... Some. ;)

Pit of the week: My mom leaving :(

Miss Anything? Being comfortable

Cravings: no - eating is still a chore!

Symptoms/Labor signs: Contractions (Braxton Hicks) - swelling, numbness in my feet, all of the typical last trimester stuff

Looking forward to: Going to the doctor next week and hitting another goal of 32 weeks! 

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Nursery Sneak Peek!

Coming up with a theme that worked for opposite sex babies was a little challenging for me. I looked through a lot of options but in the end I couldn't find anything that I was really excited about. That's when I found CozybyJess on Etsy. She is a wonderfully talented lady who not only makes custom baby bedding, but she actually designs her own fabrics. These aren't fabrics she purchases at her local craft store - she actually designs the fabrics herself. This was amazing because she could coordinate fabrics for the babies without them being to similar - just what I was looking for. With her ability to create fabrics I could "girl up" Lawton's bedding while still coordinating with Anderson's slightly more masculine bedding. 

Anyway, here are some sneak peek pictures from our nursery... It isn't completely done but we are really close! Hope you like it as much as we do...

This is the door to the nursery - that chevron framed thing is a cork board where my plan is to put our first family picture of the 5 of us. You can see our deer head laying on the changing pad- he's hung up now and looks great! This room isn't very big and we are cramped for space so we utilize the closet a lot.

Also I should mention - with two babies on the way we are on a budget! So both the dresser and the cribs came from IKEA! I absolutely love this dresser - it's a white laqer finish and is very sturdy! The price - just $149. I wish we had the room for the 8 drawer dresser in this same style but it was to big for our space.

Next up - Lawton's crib!

Ok so - you can see some imperfections on the wall - those are currently awaiting Mike's handywork to patch and touch up paint. It's a little hard to see but her sheet  is little fawns in light pink, tan, mint, and navy. Her bed skirt is an Aztec looking geometric printin the same light pink and white, and her blanket in the corner is in the same coordinating colors in an arrow pattern. The only thing missing are her teething guards which will go at the top of the side rails and will be in the same arrow print as her blanket. There is a navy pillow in the crib that says "I'll love you forever" it came from Homegoods and I love it! The artwork I made - the frames are from IKEA. The mobile I made as well after seeing one similar on Etsy. The Etsy mobile was $65 - and I was sure I could make it cheaper. Especially since I needed two! All in all I got everything I needed to make two mobiles for about $40 from JoAnn's. Thanks to coupons and doing it myself I saved $90!!

Here is Anderson's crib...

Similar story on his! His pillow says "hello there handsome" ;). Again I made his artwork - the little green one is metal arrows I found in the scrapbook section. His sheets are bucks (since he's way to manly for fawns 😉) the stuffed baby deer in his crib was $7 at IKEA. His blanket is the same arrow pattern as hers but in his colors - we are also waiting on his coordinating teething guards to come in! The cribs, by the way, $69 at IKEA - if you've ever crib shopped you know what a DEAL that is! We choose to leave them natural wood - but the possibilities are endless - you can paint or finish them anyway you want!

I love how their little areas turned out! I wish you could see it in person - it's even cuter! The next time I post a picture hopefully the cribs will have something even cuter in them!! 😍

Thursday, March 26, 2015

30 week update...

How far along? 30 weeks today! 

Total weight gain: Lost another pound this week. The doctor still doesn't seem concerned. She said creating two humans is tough and my body is doing well enough. She did encourage me to take in more calories... Im trying. So far I've gained a total of 16 lbs.

Sleep: I've been sleeping like a baby. A newborn that sleeps for a few hours at a time and wakes up constantly... Although last night I had a 5 hour stretch so that was good!

How big are the twins this week? I didn't get measurements at my appointment yesterday. :( the growth scan will be in early April. Hopefully they are both 3 pounds or better!

Peak of the week: Getting a lot of the nursery done. We hung a bunch of art, did some organizing - put a bunch of baby gear together. I say "we" it was really Mike with my direction. Bless him. 

Pit of the week: I had a bit of a breakdown yesterday. I don't know how else to explain it but that I'm frustrated... I'm frustrated with the way I feel, my doctors office, just anything really. I'm at this weird point where I selfishly want the babies now but I know that's not what's best. I'm over the appointments and worrying and waiting but I know the best thing is to keep them right where they are for at least 4 more weeks. Don't get me wrong - I know without a doubt what's best for the babies and that it's only a few more weeks. I also know how uncomfortable these last few weeks have been and will be. All of that said I'm more than happy to wait. I don't know how else to explain it. I just want our babies. 😔

Miss Anything? Nothing new.

Cravings: no - sometimes I will have a random craving but not the same thing over and over again. This weeks I've really been wanting Cheesecake Factory.

Symptoms/Labor signs: Contractions (Braxton Hicks) - swelling, numbness in my feet, all of the typical last trimester stuff

Looking forward to: My mom is coming next week! I can't wait. She will help to perk me up and get some things finished around here!

So I've been on bed rest for about a week now. I'm allowed to be "on my feet" for about 2 hours per day. This is also Jake's spring break week so he has been home with me. Overall he's done really well and been very good about understanding my new limitations. Thankfully, my 2 sister-in-laws took him for a day to the water park and that helped tremendously. He also had a friend over to spend the night which was nice because they kept each other entertained. Aside from that he has become extremely protective over me and is constantly checking on his momma. He really has been so sweet. A few times he's even told me it's time for me to lay down! Ha. Anyway, he and I took the dogs for a little walk and the only time he would allow me to have them is when I asked him to take my 30 week picture. When we came inside he told me I needed to go lay down. He's taking the doctor's orders very seriously! So here's my pic of the week courtesy of my sweet boy! I'm feeling H U G E!

Friday, March 20, 2015

29 weeks...

How far along? 29 weeks 1 day.

Total weight gain: I'm not sure but I would guess I've gained about 3 more pounds.

Sleep: It's been hard. I'm really uncomfortable, the babies move like crazy when I lay down, I wake up a bunch either sweating or having to go to the bathroom. I'm over the need for all the pillows... wahhh! 

How big are the twins this week? The size of a pineapple (x2) apparently. I would guess Anderson has hit the 3lb mark and Lawton has hopefully gotten close to it herself. I'll know next week!

Peak of the week: Our Orlando baby shower! I didn't get any pictures - :( but it was really nice. Mike's mom and sisters made it really nice and the food was wonderful. We got one of our car seats, diapers, and my big item - our stroller! Not to mention some cute outfits, bottles, feeding stuff, etc. Our house is exploding with baby items.

Pit of the week: I think just my attitude in general. I am exhausted. The bad sleep is catching up and my anxiety is increasing. So much to do and honestly - not much time left. There is a good chance that our babies will be here in the next 2 to 6 weeks! Oy vey! 

Miss Anything? A lot of things. I love being pregnant but I miss the control of my body.

Cravings: meh. Still not much other than sweets.

Symptoms/Labor signs: Contractions (Braxton Hicks) - swelling, numbness in my feet, all of the typical last trimester stuff

Looking forward to: bitter sweetly leaving work for a while. Starting Monday, I am officially on limited bed rest. No more than a couple of hours a day on my feet. Between my anxiety of getting things ready and the boredom of laying around I'm not sure how I will cope. I keep telling myself it's what's best for the babies.

my last at-work bathroom selfie! ha!

Thursday, March 12, 2015

28 week update...

How far along? 28 weeks today!

Total weight gain: I lost 2 pounds so I'm up a total of 20 now. My doctor wasn't concerned - between water retention and my body burning more calories daily it isn't abnormal.

Sleep: It's been slightly better. I have been taking a warm bath each night which is helping still.

How big are the twins this week? I have their weights this week! My doctor appointment was Tuesday and at the ultrasound Lawton weighed in at 2lbs 4oz while Anderson is at a chunky 2lbs 11oz. 5lbs of baby in this belly!

In all black today - mourning the loss of my belly button ;)

Peak of the week: Seeing the babies again. :) I am so spoiled with my ultrasounds every appointment. It's been a month since I saw them last and they are so much bigger! Jake also had his first baseball game of the season. He caught a pop fly for an out at 2nd base and got on base every time at bat!

Pit of the week: I had my glucose test and two shots at the doctor this week. My arm is still SO sore. You'd think I'd be better about needles after IVF - nah.

Miss Anything? The ability to see my lower body without a mirror. Picking things up off the ground - shaving my legs with ease...

Cravings: Nope - it's getting more and more difficult to eat.

Symptoms/Labor signs: I swear each twin has grabbed a hip and pulled this week. When they aren't yanking on my hips they are using my bladder as a spring board. My contractions are getting increasingly harder to ignore and I'll get into it more below, but my cervix is beginning to shorten some. Oh and my poor feet and ankles cankles... I am starting to swell.

Looking forward to: Jake's first soccer game of the season this weekend, followed by my baby shower on Sunday. Although finding something to wear may be the "pit" next week. It's getting harder to keep this bump under clothing!

28 Week Doctor's Appointment Update:  This was the first time I have gone to the doctor alone for a check up. Mike has been at every appointment, but due to his new job I told him to not worry about getting to this one. He didn't like missing the ultrasound but I brought him some pictures and honestly, the ultrasounds are more about checking measurements, my cervix, etc rather than watching the babies move. Anyway, the babies look great. Both are right on track and measuring pretty closely. Anderson has 7 ounces on his sister, which doesn't sounds like much to us, but when you think that he only weighs 43 total ounces it is a large increase over Lawton. The doctor told me they will continue to monitor the weights but that they aren't concerned with anything until the gap in weights gets larger (like over a pound). Anderson did flip to head down from breech and Lawton is more head down and less transverse now - giving us a much stronger chance at a natural birth. That being said the doctor would like to see baby A (Lawton) be the "bigger" baby. She said it doesn't rule out natural birth but it does make it harder. At this point I'm just leaving it up to God and trying not to think to much about the birth or stress about it. I will do whats best for the babies - period. My cervix was measuring (width wise not dilation) at a 5 and had dropped to a 4 in the last month. A 4 is still considered good but once it drops to a 3 or lower things get a little more risky. For this reason and my swelling, the weight of the babies, etc I have been given my date of "bed rest". March 24th will be my last day working and from the 25th on I have to take it easy and stay off of my feet as much as possible. We need these babies to stay put until at least April 30th to give us the best chance at them coming home with us from the hospital.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Tea for Two!

Last weekend 2 of my amazing friends from back home (Charleston, SC) threw us the most amazing baby shower!

It started with this gorgeous invitation and went from there. Every detail, every handmade decoration, the food - it was all way more than I could have ever imagined.

My friends, Chelsea and Amanda, not only were wonderful to us in the weeks leading up to the shower but have been so supportive of our journey to babies from the beginning. They both were always praying, texting, emailing, calling and checking on us through out our entire IVF process and have been keeping up with every detail ever since.

When they asked if they could host a shower for the babies I had no idea what an amazing job they would do. The girls spent more time and effort than I will every know, all just to make us smile. Here are some of the pictures from Saturday...

opening the presents for Lawton & Anderson

My boys dropped by!

Some of the beautiful decorations

The sweet gowns and shirt for Jake - my 3 will be wearing this in the hospital ;)

Opening more gifts! I love anything monogrammed!

Me giving out my hostess presents - which weren't nearly enough to thank these two!

The pregnant ladies at the shower Amber ( in purple) is about a month behind me and Emily is about a month behind Amber!

The photo guest book!

Some of my out-of-town family that came just to support us!

The coffee/tea station. No detail got overlooked!

The spread of delicious food!

Each baby had their own cake!

Me :) 27 weeks 2 days

More of the gorgeous decorations

Amanda, Me, & Chelsea - my shower hostess who blew me away!
I seriously can't say enough how wonderful it was. I wanted the shower to feel like home and to represent where I'm from and the girls nailed it. It was perfectly southern. The weather was gorgeous, the food was great and the company was even better. Special thank you to my mom and Tom for letting us crash Tom's beautiful home as our venue.

Of course, it was also just on time because I am officially on travel restriction. The next time we make a trip back to Charleston we will be a family of 5! C-R-A-Z-Y

I also want to say a heartfelt thank you to everyone who came and made our day that much more incredible. It was all around perfection and we feel so loved. God has blessed us with the most amazing family and friends and that doesn't every go unnoticed. We had several wonderful people who couldn't make the shower but took the time to send notes, gifts, and well wishes and that was so incredibly thoughtful!

I can't wait to meet the babies and I can't wait for all of these wonderful people to meet them too!

27(ish) week update...

How far along? I am way late on my weekly post but today I am 27 weeks 4 days.

Total weight gain: I had to go to the doctor last week so I know I am officially up 22lbs. I couldn't believe what I saw when I got on the scale. Not that 22lbs is a lot of gain with twins but that it all happened in the last 2 months!

Sleep: Oh sleep. How I miss thee. Falling to sleep has become a miserable task. Most nights I lay in bed until about 1 am moving, adjusting, trying to crack my knees or hips. It really has become a fight. There have been a lot of midnight baths to try and relax and help me to fall asleep. I honestly think it's a mix of the inability to get comfortable and my racing brain.

How big are the twins this week? Big. Or at least they feel that way. I will get a weight on them at my normal check up appointment tomorrow but according to my app they are probably around 2.5 lbs each.

I forgot to take my weekly picture but here is a picture of me (in the mint dress) from the shower with my friend Amber who is about 3-4 weeks behind me with her 3rd.

Peak of the week: My baby shower in Charleston. I will do a post for it soon. It was incredible.

Pit of the week: Last week I wasn't feeling "right" and decided to give my doctor a call. Since we were going out of town I just needed to know everything was ok. I ran through my symptoms and was told by the nurse I needed to come in right away. (Never a good feeling) When I got there I saw a doctor I hadn't seen before and he ran a series of tests. Long story short I have an antibody in my blood that can become harmful to me and the babies if the levels get to high. I knew about this a few months ago but after monitoring it for a while it seemed to be nearly gone. Well it came back. After testing, meds, and stress the 3 of us are fine and will just be kept under watch. It became stressful but I am confident that it will be ok so I'm not going to worry to much. That's that.

Miss Anything? full lungs, sleep, laying on my back. :)

Cravings: Eating has become a chore, so I haven't been craving much. I think in the last week I've had 3 PBJ smoothies from Planet Smoothie so I guess we can call that a craving. :)

Symptoms/Labor signs: Nothing new. Same stuff.

Looking forward to: The weekend and our Orlando baby shower - we are really just overwhelmed with all of the support people have given us and the babies. The nursery is filling up!

Friday, February 27, 2015

26 week update...

Just call me big momma, ha!
How far along? 26 weeks 1 day!

Total weight gain: I honestly would rather not know this week. If you ask my back it would tell you my stomach weighs 1000 pounds.

Sleep: It's been up and down - rough at the start but last night I slept like a champ! 

How big are the twins this week? About the size of a butternut squash apparently. I have somewhere between 5 & 6 pounds of baby in there. They are growing and I am feeling it! By the way, if you're pregnant and looking for a good app for your phone I really love the OviaPregnancy App. It has so many great resources and helpful information. The twins are beginning to open their eyes this week and all major organs are developed and working at this stage of pregnancy. From here on out my body is just working to fatten them up for strength and immunity. I can't believe it.

Peak of the week: Our shower thrown by one of my super awesome friends/co-worker. It was for all of my co-workers and we had a great time. Not to mention all of the awesome baby gifts! Here is a quick group shot (although a bunch of people had left already)...

Thank you Denise for a wonderful evening!

Pit of the week: So far in this pregnancy I have been able to pretty much eat whatever I felt like without any issue. Tuesday night, after the work shower, I woke up at about 2 am in misery. What I thought must be heartburn quickly turned into a full on war on my stomach. It was a rough 12-14 hours but I managed. Since then I have had heartburn off and on but with watching what I eat and some pregnancy approved heartburn meds I am feeling MUCH better.

Miss Anything? Flexibility - I'm not asking to do a split but at this point I can't touch (or see) my toes. Simple everyday tasks are becoming impossible. When I drop something on the ground I just stare at it for while. Putting on pants requires a post game nap. Shaving my legs is a job I have to mentally prepare for.
Cravings: This week it has become a little harder to eat. Things are feeling so full in there. It's a strange thing to feel both starving and full at the same time. I haven't really had any particular cravings. By dinner time I typically have to force myself to eat.

Symptoms/Labor signs: Contractions are back. My stomach gets crazy hard and you can see it tighten up! My back has been really bad this week again - I need to give in and go get a belly band support thing.

Looking forward to: Getting the nursery substantially complete this weekend *hopefully* - I made a to do list of tasks that need to be done before I hit 30 weeks and I want to try to knock some of that off this week. I am also looking forward to our trip to Charleston next weekend! It's our Charleston baby shower and my last weekend where I am allowed to travel! It's crazy to think this will be my last trip home before I am a mom of 3. I can't believe how quickly the last few months have gone. Of course I also can't wait to see everyone and celebrate the babies next weekend. <3

Friday, February 20, 2015

25 week update...

Holy Belly! There is no denying that thing!

How far along? 25 weeks 1 day!

Total weight gain: Who knows. I feel like the weight of the babies has doubled... I'm scared to see what I weigh. 

Sleep: Sleep has been really bad this week. My knees are not appreciating the extra work they've had to do and they are letting me know it when I lay down at night. I feel restless.

How big are the twins this week? I'm not sure specifically, but according to my app they are somewhere around 2 - 2.5 pounds potentially. This means I could have 5lbs of baby in there before this week is over

Peak of the week: We have gotten some awesome baby gifts this week. 3 of the 5 past nights we've gotten to bring in packages, sit in the baby room and open them together. It's a fun little thing for the 3 of us.

Pit of the week: The uncomfortablness. Fo sho. Just in the last week I've had like 3 random strangers make comments like "wow! you're about to pop!" or "getting close huh?" I then get to smile and say "no, 25 weeks with twins"

Miss Anything? I just miss feeling comfortable.

Cravings: well I had my first full on craving. Wendesday night after dinner I decided I needed waffles to survive. I made homemade belgium waffles and ate 3 of them. Then I went back and ate a 4th. Shameful.

Symptoms/Labor signs: The BH contractions seem to have died down a little. Other than that, my hips are killing me. I can feel them pulling apart!

Looking forward to: The weekend - nothing special planned and that is perfectly fine. Also, next Tuesday is our first baby shower! One of my great friends from work is throwing us a work shower!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The anxiety is setting in...


That's what I have to keep telling myself. Just breathe. It's going to be fine. Taking care of 2 newborn babies won't be that hard. Right? RIGHT? right..

I think, until recently, the idea of twins has been so sweet and miraculous. Going through IVF sucked, but the outcome of 2 babies made it so worth it. Every needle, every tear, every negative pregnancy test. The last 5 and a half years of making it my daily mission to be happy. To be thankful. To keep going. It's all led us to this place. 25 weeks (tomorrow) pregnant with twins. A blessed place.

Don't think for a second I'm not grateful, or that this isn't the outcome I have prayed for, dreamed about. I can't wait to meet them. I can't wait to take them home and begin our life as a family of 5...

...but, if I'm being totally honest.. I'm also a ball of nerves. Two babies. at once. Oy vey! I know I will adjust, I'll be fine. We will "figure it out". A schedule will be imperative. We will learn what works and what doesn't. At this point, when I'm feeling rational, I just tell myself - "The first year will be a comedy of errors". I know Mike and I will feel like we've just won the gold in some team Olympic sport on their first birthday. Only to be trumped by the next phase - toddler twins.

Last night I had such vivid dreams about them. In my first dream I was standing over them, the house was clean and quiet, they were asleep in one of the cribs together. It was so sweet. I knew it was a dream even during it because everything was so perfect. Clean home, sleeping twins, I even had real clothes on and I think my hair and make up were done. It may not have been a part of that dream, but I'm sure dinner was in the oven and I had some great dessert from Pinterest planned.

Then I woke up. Because I had to pee. For the 4th time.

My next dream started off similar - the babies sleeping, me watching. {side note: what am I doing standing there watching? I need to be sleeping!} Only this time one of the babies kept accidentally knocking it's head against the side of the crib.

I realized when I woke up (to go pee, of course) this stems from my personal fear of not having bumpers. Last night, I worked on the cribs a little bit and they still seem empty without bumpers. In case you aren't aware bumpers are so 2006. No one uses them anymore. They're practically baby killers... You may know them as bumpers but their really just suffocation torture devices disguised in soft fabric with cute animals dancing down the sides of them.

I liked bumpers. I like them still. It made me happy to know my kid couldn't accidentally ram his head into the wooden rods that make up the sides of the cribs. And yes, I've seen the mesh ones. Not a fan. I mean, babies survived for YEARS with bumpers in their cribs.

Clearly, when it comes to bumpers, I need to just let it go. Hopefully though, this gives you a little taste as to how my brain has been working recently. Everything is stressing me out.

This twin thing won't be easy. I know there are going to be times where I just have to put them in their cribs and walk away for a few minutes. I know there will be times where I sit there, holding them, and all 3 of us are crying. I will be exhausted. I will be sloppy. My house won't always be clean and I may be sending Mike and Jake to pick out something clean from the laundry baskets. I see a lot of "breakfast for dinner"s in our future. I see a lot of clutter. I see a lot of figuring it all out..

...but I also see a lot of love. I see 3 beautiful children and an awesomely supportive husband. I see a mom who's doing the best she can. I see friends and family around us trying to help. These are the things I need to focus on when the anxiety sets in. These are things that will get us through. Well that and Jesus. And caffeine. <3

Thursday, February 12, 2015

24 week update...

Sorry for another bathroom selfie - sometimes it's easier. ;)
Fun fact: at 24 weeks I am measuring at what the average 34 week single pregnancy looks like.
Can you imagine another 10 weeks from now?! My poor back!
How far along? 24 weeks - which is a milestone because it means I am in month number 6 and I have hit viability! Viability means that the babies have reached the point of development were they *could* (with a lot of medical help) survive if God forbid something happened and they had to come now. Obviously this is not what anyone wants. They still need at least another 10 weeks in my oven womb. That being said, it is nice knowing that they have reached this critical stage.
Infertility really can change the way you view a pregnancy. With Jake, I didn't understand how precious a healthy pregnancy is. My pregnancy with him was textbook, easy and no drama. After going through a miscarriage and 5 years of trying I have been a little more on-edge this time around. Hitting this stage of pregnancy allows me to take a deep breath. While we still have a long way to go, the boost of confidence in my body's ability to carry them to viability makes me feel better.

Total weight gain: Tuesday was my 24 week check up and from last month's weigh in I am up 8 pounds for a total gain of 11 pounds. The doctor was pleased that I've caught up some and says that from here on I should expect to gain somewhere between 1-3 pounds per week. They also cautioned me not to freak out if it gets to be more because the twins are packing on the pounds themselves!

Sleep: Sleep has actually been a little better this week. Honestly, I think it's because the days are getting harder, so by the time it gets to bedtime my body just collapses into sleep. I'll take it. I'm still getting up at night to visit my home away from home (the bathroom) but I fall right back to sleep so it's fine.

How big are the twins this week? Big enough to be weighed via the ultrasound! Another fun milestone! Lawton weighed in at 1 pound 5 ounces this week and Anderson at 1 pound 8 ounces. I still have to just pinch my self. This doesn't seem like it's really my life. I am just so thankful that these two are growing like little weeds!

Peak of the week: Hearing how well the three of us are progressing through this pregnancy was pretty nice. My cervix is sitting strong and supporting the babies, they are growing right on track and all measurements are good. Seeing them on the screen is amazing and I feel spoiled that I get an ultrasound at every appointment. Aside from the babies, I have to brag on Jake for a minute. He has been so wonderful this week. Stepping it up on chores, not arguing, the past 3 days he's gotten up, gotten dressed, fixed his own breakfast and packed his lunch for school. This is a big deal to any mom who's kid reaches this age of independance, but even more so to those of us who have children that aren't exactly morning-people. I keep telling him how much it means to me that he is such a big helper! Another big change for us - Mike has accepted a new job opportunity and is leaving Disney. While it is bittersweet and a little nerve wracking I am so excited for him and proud of what he's done to get himself here. He is going to learn a lot at his new job and he got a well deserved promotion. It will take some adjusting and we will be in a period of shiffting as we see how life will adjust around his new job, but I really feel like God answered some prayers for us with this one. We are both trusting that things will work out just as they are intended!

Pit of the week: This week has been pretty good. I've felt less hormonal and more rational. I don't have a real "pit" this week so for that I am thankful! 

Miss Anything? Oh you know, just all the stuff I can't have or do. Italian subs, raw tuna, mountain dew, roller coasters... sometimes I swear I want these things just because I can't have them...

Cravings: anything sugary, of course - since my glucose test is next month.

Symptoms/Labor signs: Stretching, tight skin. Achy muscles in my hips and back. Braxton Hicks... luckily though - no signs of pre-term labor.

Looking forward to: A 3-day weekend! I can't wait to sleep in on Monday morning.

Here are some pictures of Anderson and Lawton from our scan on Tuesday...

The twins <3
Lawton's sweet face (forehead to the left chin to the right - the two whiter lines are her nose)
Anderson smiling and waving to the camera (forehead to the right chin to the left - again you can see his nose)

Lawton's profile
Anderson's profile and his hand right at his mouth
Lawton's baby feet!

Last night I had such a vivid dream of meeting these two for the first time. Seeing them as the specific, made just for us and of us babies. Babies that I wasn't sure I would ever have again. Babies that God knew personally though all of this. Babies He intended for us to hold. I can't explain to you in words what that really feels like. I can't wait to hold them, for Mike to hold them, for Jake to hold them. Our sweet babies!