Saturday, April 25, 2015

34 week update...

How far along? 34 weeks 2 days. :) we have reached a major goal! Twins born after 34 weeks have much higher chances of a healthy arrival and far less complications! Mainly in part to the size they are now as well as the nearly full developed lungs! In fact, if I were to go into labor right now the doctors wouldn't do much, if anything, to try and stop it. 

Total weight gain: up another pound I think! I'm now somewhere around +20 - I hope I can stay that or close to it!

Sleep: well it had been horrible but I've slept good the last two nights. Thank God! I was starting to loose my cool.

How big are the twins this week? I will get to see them Monday at our growth scan and know the exact weights but I would guess Anderson is probably 5&1/2 and Lawton is hopefully close to that. 

Peak of the week: what was probably my last date night with my husband. We went to dinner at our favorite place and then I surprised him with tickets to go see Kevin Hart (a comedian). We had a really good night and both realize we have to seize those opportunities to have some alone, kid-free time.

Pit of the week: Just the loneliness of being on bed rest all day. You start to get cabin fever. I was getting anxious and really moody so I started to plan a little something to do each day. Now that I've hit 34 weeks I do have a little more freedom. The hard part for me is spacing out my planned activities. This week I decided to make little thank you goodie bags for our nurses during our delivery and stay. I just put some hand lotion, chap stick, note pads, candy, etc. in them along with a thank you card for their care of both me and the babies. 
I made the little gift tags and attached them with pink and blue yarn. I'm happy with the turn out. 
I also worked on my thank you cards. My hand is locked up! I got a bunch done but unfortunately in coming back from the Charleston trip the list of who gave what vanished. :( So if you get a vague thank you from me I am so sorry! I am running off of memory. That's scary!

Miss Anything? A back free of pain. I use to think people with "chronic back pain" were exaggerating - they aren't. It is lame!

Cravings: just sweet stuff still. 

Symptoms/labor signs: Same as last week but they have slowed down some. I'm hoping for some new signs in the next week or so.

Looking forward to: labor. Plain and simple. I'm scared and anxious and nervous and beyond excited. I'm praying for good news about the babies Monday. I'm praying that we can have these two via natural childbirth. I'm praying that I am strong enough to handle whatever the outcome is. Pray with me! Please <3

34 weeks bathroom selfie on our date night. Most days I'm a lot more sweats and Mike's tshirt and a lot less dress and make up! Ha!

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