Wednesday, July 22, 2015

2 months old!!

We made it through month 2!!! 

Lawton weighs 8lbs 10oz now and Anderson weighs 9lbs 2oz. 

Both babies got their first vaccines. It's heartbreaking watching your newbies have their first experience with real pain, but it also is reassuring when you quickly pick them up, calm them down & make the tears go away. They both did really well!

Our doctor (who I adore) said both babies look great and he's pleased with how they're doing. He does want to continue to see weight gain and told me to make sure I'm getting enough fatty foods for my milk. I may also start looking for some natural ways to increase my milk supply. The babies are on the low end of the weight scale but he said no concerns yet. They are eating great, plenty of dirty diapers and growing steadily so for now I am to keep doing what we're doing! 

We are getting some decent sleep! Averaging two four hour stretches each night. I am feeling pretty good and think my body is adjusting to less sleep than it use to get. 

We do tummy time every day and both babies can hold their heads up really well! We are going to start reading to them each night as part of our night time routine. They both love to be up and looking around. Lawton is very social and flirty, Anderson flirts a lot too but is my snuggle buddy. He loves to curl up and nap in your arms. 

Jake continues to blow my mind with them! He is SUCH a good big brother. He stays so patient and is always eager to help. He also is very protective of them. He loves to hold them and help with them when he can. So sweet!

Even though I'm still VERY much a novice at this twin mom thing I'm working on an advice post. It should be up soon! Just what works for us, what doesn't, and tips up to this point. 

This really has been a lot of fun and we are loving our time with these two. I'm sure God had them in the plans for us and I think we were meant to be twin parents. It isn't always easy but overall it's easier than I thought it would be! 

Gotta run... Time to nurse...again!

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