Monday, June 1, 2015

The birth of our babies...

It feels nice to write that title. For so long I really felt like I may never get to. Infertility is both a blessing and a curse on my life but looking back - if this is the road we had to take - I'd do it a thousand times over and not change a thing.

If you're reading this post as your first on my blog please jump back and read through some of the details into our journey. :)

On May 21st at 4:45am my alarm clock sounded. The night before didn't allow for much sleep as we were too excited about what the morning would bring. Jake, our 8 year old, was staying at my in laws for the night so Mike and I had a quiet home. We both just payed in bed saying I can't believe we are finally here...

When that alarm went off I felt like I had only been asleep for 10 minutes but it was time to get going! I showered, got myself together, woke up Mike and we headed for the hospital. I was 38 weeks pregnant and it was induction day for our twins as well as my 29th birthday.

Once we got to the hospital and got admitted, I will admit, I began feeling pretty anxious. I was excited and scared and ready to have them in my arms. We met our nurse (who was awesome) got all checked in and began the pitocin drip to start induction. From that point on I got checked every hour or so and kept making steady progress. Around 12 or so my Doctor stopped by and checked to see how things were going. After checking he decided it was time to go ahead and break Lawton's water. Go time! He did - which if you've never experienced it - water breaking is still so crazy to me. From that point on my contractions really started picking up. Given my twin delivery and due to risks, I had to get my epidural put in even if I didn't want pain meds incase of an emergency c section. That being said my nurse kept asking if I was ready and I kept pushing it off. Even after IVF I'm still terrified of needles. Finally around 3 I gave in and got the epidural. It sucked. Maybe it was all in my head but I still hate that process. Now, don't get me wrong, by that point my contractions were rough and when that medicine hit I was so relieved. I had a good hour of happiness followed up but Oh Em Gee pressure. In less than 20 min I went from 7 to 10cm and was ready to go.

After some prepping they wheeled us into the OR and we were ready to have our babies. Lawton arrived about 20 minutes after being taken into the OR. She came out with a head full of beautiful dark hair and some strong screams weighing in at 6lbs 9oz. They gave her right to me and I couldn't stop kissing her and telling her how beautiful she was. They then took her to weigh her, clean her up a little, and have Mike cut the cord. While that was going on my awesome doctor began working on Anderson - who had gone transverse (sideways) in my belly. They sonograms him, monitored his heart, and worked for 30 minutes trying to get either the head of feet. If need be, breech delivery was fine but couldn't happen until we could get him to turn one way or the other. Long story short my little booger wouldn't cooperate and ended up needing a c section. 55 minutes after his sister, Anderson made his loud entrance into the world! Weighing in at a healthy 6lbs 11oz - he was handed over to Mike who brought him over to me. We both were crying at that point! Two big, healthy babies. Our miracle babies!

Prior to my experience this was the one thing I wanted to avoid - having both a vaginal delivery and a c section - but now I can tell you I wouldn't go back and change a thing. Sure it would have been nice to have Anderson vaginally, but that wasn't how it went and that's perfectly fine. Both of my babies are here and healthy. That's what matters! Plus - the recovery wasn't nearly as bad as I had thought!

As throughout this entire journey we couldn't have done this without the support of our family and friends! We both are so thankful especially to Mikes Mom and Dad and his two sisters. They managed Jake for us while we were having the babies, took care of our fur babies, came to visit, brought us food (the hospital food was not ok) and supported us in anyway possible. We also have to thank our good friends, The Lindsey's who came to visit and brought us my favorite - Outback - for dinner one night! And last, but certainly not least my Mom who stayed with us for a week and did everything she possibly could to help us adjust - cooking, cleaning, laundry, driving us to appointments - it went on and on. The best advice I can give to anyone expecting twins - work on your patience and surround yourself with people who love and support you! Thanks to everyone who came by to visit, called, texted, etc. we were overwhelmed with all of the sweet well wishes!

Now for my favorite part of this post - pictures!!

Waiting for progress ☺️
Post epidural 😉

In recovery - the first time I held both of my babies 😍
Melt my heart!
Jake meeting his brother and sister for the first time!
Hospital naps 😴

Heading Home!!

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