Thursday, May 14, 2015

37 week update...

How far along? 37 weeks today and yes I skipped my 36 week update. The last two weeks have been a little crazy and a little tough. I'll catch up both weeks in this update ;)

Total weight gain: I've lost track in +\- but I do know I've gained 25 pounds total. Funny because that's what I gained with Jake although I feel WAY bigger in the belly!

Sleep: the last 3 nights have been pretty good but only because the days have been so bad. My body just gives out.

How big are the twins this week? I'm not exactly sure but if they have stayed on track Anderson is probably 7lbs and Lawton is about 6-6 & 1/2! I probably have about 14lbs of baby in me! No wonder my knees are aching!

Peak of the week: I am officially FULL TERM! All goals have been met and the babies are just packing on weight at this point. Which means it's time to come out!

Pit of the week: Early labor and being sent home from the hospital... I'll get into it more but basically I've been in "early labor" for like 4 days. :(

Miss Anything? Clothing that covers my stomach. Having a wardrobe. I seriously have 2 maternity shirts that cover my belly and other than that I'm in Mike's clothes. I miss pretty clothing and getting fixed up. You look silly in makeup and hair done and your husbands stained shirts...

Cravings: I'm over food. Done.

Symptoms/labor signs: So, as I mentioned before I was in the hospital last night. I was having contractions every 2.5 - 5 minutes. (Still having them actually) So we headed for the hospital - feeling pretty sure this was it. When we got there I got all hooked up for monitoring and the machine confirmed I was having contractions frequently. However, after being checked, I was still at 2cm and only about 60% effaced. Essentially my cervix hates me and wants me to be pregnant forever. I can't say I'm all that surprised - this is the exact same thing that happened to me with Jake. So after being monitored for two hours with no cervical advancement we got sent home. I won't lie - I sobbed. Mike took me to get chick-fil-a and I drowned my sorrows in a large cookies 'n cream milkshake. 

Looking forward to: Induction! Cervix - you can run but you can't hide. I am set to be induced May 21st - unless we go into labor before that. I should mention that May 21st is my birthday... Was my birthday. It seems as though two babies will soon be stealing my thunder. ;)